Why A student Shuttle?

Why Smiley?

Benefits of Smiley

Us Different

Parents that use a student shuttle
are those that have students that
are in sports, band and activities that
seems to conflict with work.
Parents that live in the two mile
radius and has no bus service.
Parents that do not want their student
to ride a bus because of the
conditions. Parents that do not want
their student to walk to school.
Smiley Transportation,llc student shuttle service can take away those stresses.
Smiley Transportation holds itself to a high standard of customer service and safety. 

Each van is equipped with a geo-fenced tracking, GPS, and camera. Every driver goes through a driving course every year. We are commercially insured and require our employees to pass background and drug screening.

We strive for student safety.  Our drivers are trained yearly on CPR and First AID, and go through a driving training course.  We have live geo-fencing real time tracking system on each vehicle.  We provide electronic notification to let you know that your student is at school or home safely.  We provide sick child pick up as well.

Your student will not have to walk to a bus stop in all types of weather.  Nor will they have to cross busy streets. Your student can be more involved with sports and activities and the stress of getting them there is gone.  The stress of knowing if your student has made it to school or home.


OUR Employees

Our professional staff goes through yearly training to assure student safety.  From the time the student enters the vehicle, to the time your student walks back into your house, our drivers makes sure your student is safe and secure. Smiley has been named best student shuttle service in Keller.  Smiley Transportation, LLC student shuttle service will continue to strive to be the best student shuttle in Keller and Northwest ISDs and surrounding districts.


  • One Way AM/PM (Weekly)
  • Round Trip (Weekly)
  • Before/ After school events
  • Sick Student pick up
  • Summer School
  • Summer Camps
  • Day Care Field Trips


"Smiley Transportation has made my life so much easier!! I feel very secure with our driver and knowing our daughter gets to and from school safe." Pam F.


  • SMILEY TRANS 300:31



Smiley has opened a second location for the 2014/2015 school year.  Smiley was presented the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for Keller Chamber in 2013. Also, Named 87th Mom owned business in the USA for 2014.

Student Shuttle Service in Keller

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