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"Getting the pieces together"

Smiley Transportation is the smart choice in student transportation needs.



To provide affordable, dependable, and safe student shuttle transportationn for the Keller ISD, Northwest ISD and Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD and any future school districts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We strive to get our students to their destinations on time and safe!


A highly trained staff is our most valued resource at Smiley Transportation, LLC.  That is why we require such high standards for ethical behavior, equipment, safety and training.  Since student safety is our priority, we ensure a pleasant, clean and a well monitored enviroment for everyone.  Vehicles are well maintained and professionally staffed.


Smiley Transportation, LLC will continue to expand our service to those school districts that needs us.  Smiley Transportation is the present and future of student shuttle transportation.  We are the best because we train and require the best in everything we do!

Protection and Safety Information:

  • First Aid and CPR Certified (All employees of Smiley Transportation)
  • Pre-employment screening to include background check (Local, state and federal)
  • Drug Screening and continued monitoring through out the year.
  • Driving records checked yearly for every driver
  • First Aid kits in every vehicle
  • Camera in each vehicle (helps monitor driving, and the behavior of the driver and students)
  • GPS in every vehicle for a direct and efficient route
  • Geo-Fencing tracking system (real time location tracking of every vehicle)
  • Safety belts for each student
  • Computer aided routing system
  • Data based software for route placement and management of students (designed just for Smiley Transportation)
  • 10 hour driver training course every year to maintain safe driving behaviors



Smiley Transportation is not just another student shuttle service.  We are an alternative solution for student transportation.  Smiley Transportation currently provides shuttle service in the City of Keller Texas, City of Roanoke Texas and the City of Haslet Texas.  We currently service the Keller ISD, Northwest ISD, and a select few schools in the Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD districts.

There is a culture that permeates everything we do and how we do business.  Our employees are the key to our future, so we give them every opportunity to develop and utilize their ideas.  Each driver is serious about the safety of every student in his or her care.  Their dedication can be seen in the way they devote their time and attention to their students.

There are no state regulations for the student shuttles in Texas.  That is why Smiley Transportation, LLC has set high standards and requirements for all of it's employees.

The Smiley Transportation "Difference" is how well we follow through and pay attention to detail in every aspect of the job.  Our staff is committed to providing the best care possible to our clients.  Every employee from the drivers who review their routes and perform at the highest level of safety, to the maintenance department that ensures all of the vehicles are in perfect shape, the customer service staff who handles endless phone calls to make sure every customer has the information they need, to the office staff that makes sure all routes have updated daily adjustments strives to be the best

  • Safe Transportation Enviroment
  • Flexible schedules to meet the demands of busy parents
  • Reliable transportation vehicles
  • Very affordable service
  • Door-to-Door service
  • Electronic notification when a student is at home or school