We have all been there.  We come out in a hurry and find that Mother Nature has iced up our vehicle's windows and door locks.  Never pour water on a cold or frozen window.  This will cause the window to crack and cost more money to fix it.  You can make a bottle of de-icing fluid from just two products found in your home.  It costs only pennies to make.

Items needed:

1 spray bottle of any size (but a bigger bottle if you have a bigger vehicle)

91% rubbing Alcohol



Fill your spray bottle with 1/3 of water then mix in 2/3rds of the rubbing alcohol.  Shake to mix.  That is all to the mix.  You now have a de-icing Fluid that will not freeze so you can leave it in your trunk for those times you are away from the house (like at work).

Spray the windows and windshield with a liberal amount of the fluid.  Wait for a few minutes to let the mixture to start to melt the ice.  Another helpful tip is to have the vehicle running and the defrost blowing on the windshield as well.  After a few minutes (depending on the thickness of the ice).  You can start to scrap your windshield with a scraper or use your vehicle's wipers. 

If you know that the weather might be icy, then you can also spray this mixture on your windshield the night before.  This mixture will not freeze so the ice will not be able to stick to the windshield. 

This simple mixture can be used on anything that might become iced over. 

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Home-made De-icing fluid for your vehicle windows and vehicle door locks

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