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Do you or your kiddos want to visit Haunted Houses, but you don't want to mess with driving and finding a place to park?  Well, Smiley Transportation is introducing Haunted House Shuttles.  This year we are shuttling to two different locations.  We pick up a minimum of 10 riders from one location (which can be one person's home or even a school).  We are commercially insured, all drivers go through federal background checks.  We have cameras on all Smiley vehicles.  Our Haunted House Shuttles are picking up the riders, taking them to the event and then dropping them off.  We DO NOT stay with or supervise the riders once they are at the Haunted House Location.  Smiley Shuttle will return at the designated spot and time to pick up all of the riders and return them safely to the origination location.  Any shuttles with children under the age of 17 years old MUST have one designated adult on board that will be responsible for them

If you have any additional questions, need any additional information or need a quote, then feel free to contact us at 817-739-6308 or email us at