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Van Rules:

All pick up and drop off locations will be pre-arranged.  All passengers needs to obey the driver during pick up, transport, and delivery.  The driver may assigned seats, if necessary. Children must be ready to get on the shuttle when it arrives to pick them up.  Please be on time as we want to make sure that everyone makes it to where they need to go in a timely manner.

Seat belts are to be worn at all times.  There is NO standing on the shuttle when they are in operation.  Passengers will not board or depart from the vehicle until the vehicle has completely stopped.

Electronic devices can be used by the student any time during transportation. All that we ask is that you please keep the volume down so that the driver can manage and maintain a safe conditions.

Smiley Transportation is not responsible for anything left on the van.  Please make sure that all of your belongings are removed from the van when you depart.

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated (including parents). Smiley Transportation will remove any student that bullies other students or does not help provide a safe condition on the vehicle.  Smiley Transportation will also end service if a parent becomes inappropriate to anyone of the Smiley Transportation staff or other customers.  Parents will receive a complete copy of the vehicle rules upon completing registration.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that you need to cancel pickup service for your student, please be advised that you must notifiy Smiley Transportation.  If your student is a no show for a pre-arranged pickup, a $15 dollar service fee will be added to your account bill.  Cancellation of service fee of $150 or two full weeks payment will be collected if Smiley Transportation is not given a two week (business) written notice of cancellation.  Notice can be in the form of an email or a written letter.

Payment Policy:

Weekly payments are due the Friday before the week of transportation.  A late fee of $5 will be applied to your account if the payment is on each Friday. Electronic Check is the only method of payment at this time.  The payment information that you provide is the same information on your check.  An additional charge will apply for any schedule changes that makes the vehicle make a returned trip.  This fee is $10 for each time.  An Admin Fee of $15 dollars will be charged to your account if there abnormal banking changes (more than one in a 9 month period).


Inclement Weather:

At Smiley Transportation safety is always paramount for our customers and drivers.  Please be advice that in the event of inclement weather, Smiley Transportation reserves the right to close and not operate.  We will adhere to the normal KISD, NISD school operation hours unless we feel that the weather is placing your student or our vehicles into a dangerious condition.

Seal Belt Policy:

Smiley Transportation, LLC will provide seat belts for all students.  We will also provide booster seats for students that are still in them at no extra cost.  Students are REQUIRED to wear a seat belt while riding on a Smiey Transportation vehicle.  This is not just a Smiley Transportation rule, but the State of Texas Traffic LAW.  Failure to waer a seat belt will result in the student being removed from our service.  Parents please stress the importance of wearing a seat belt.  The students need to understand that they need to act as though they are in your vehicle.

Emergency Policy:

If there is ever an emergency on one of our vehicles, then the parent will be made aware of it as soon as possible.  If the parent can not be reached, then Smiley Transportation staff will contact the emergency contact on the information sheet filled out at registration.  Please make sure that all contact information is up to date.

Payment Weeks Policy:

We currently have two payment plans available to our customers.  Payments will be processed once a week.  This includes all breaks, student holidays and bad weather days, family vacations, sick students. 


 The following is an agreement to the financial and operational policies of Smiley Transportation.  Policies are subject to change.