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Smiley Transportation posts all references weather good or bad.  We believe that our service is not always perfect because we are all human.  However, when a negative does occur we strive to improve and make it a learning tool to become better. Below are the references over the years. Please take the time and read them.


What a success our headquarters tours and the Southlake Town Center shopping event were thanks to the two of you!! Everyone who went on  any of these tours was quite complimentary of the two of you and how you handled each tour.  Working with you has been a delight and we are so grateful for your appreciation of teachers.  Your offering this wonderful service to our convention members for such an affordable price made it possible for so many of them to tour our new headquarters building and have a night on the town Friday.  You are a gem and a true friend of teachers.  Eileen P.


I was in need of a student shuttle service in the Northwest ISD area.  We wanted a dependable, reliable service.  We are so happy to find such a professional transportation service.  Smiley Transportation is the best.  If anyone needs transportation for their student, then please call the staff at Smiley Transportation.  Amy D.


People of Keller ISD listen up.  There is a great new service starting to make its name in the Keller area.  They are dependable and down right sweet.  They are Smiley Transportation Student Shuttle Service.  The driver of my student even goes the extra bit and provides my student a coloring book and crayons to help keep her entertained.  By far a GOD send to our family.  Jessica R.


I do not expect you to post this to your reference page.  However, we started your service and did not like your service.  We felt that it was a little pricey.  Nothing bad about the driver or the staff, it was nice to know our student was at school but again a little pricey.

Todd W.


Thanks so much for being so professional and dependable!  It is nice to feel so at ease trusting someone else with the transportation of "C"!  Thanks again! Jennifer F.


Smiley Transportation has been a lifesaver for my family.  My mother was our son's transportation to high school and when she suddenly became ill I didn't know where to turn.  Fortunately, I found Smiley Transportation.  You are always professional, affordable, safe and reliable.  I am truely blessed to have found you guyd.  Thanks Timber Creek HS Parent.  Sue S.

Thank you very much for taking care of my student this year and getting him to school and home.  I know what you do is hard and stressful, but we are very thankful for finding such a wonderful couple like you two!  Even with your injury, you never missed a day and you always goto him to school on time.  Lisa V.

Thanks for running such an awesome service and taking great care of my son.  i know we only used you for a short time, but the experience has been awesome.  DO NOT KNOW what I would have done without you!  I hope we can use your business again...stay tuned!! Sue G.