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I thought it was our turn to pick up the kids!!  Great we both have a meeting.  If there was only some way we can stay here at work and the kids could be magically picked up from school. 

Wait there is.... ring, ring.... Smiley Transportation, how can we help you?

Student Shuttle Service in Keller

  • If you need more time to juggle work and family schedules.
  • If you live within a 2 mile radius of your school (no bus service or paid bus service)
  • If you do not have bus service in your area
  • If you have to pay for a school bus, but your student still has to walk to and from the bus stop in all weather types.
  • If you are late to work because of dropping off or picking up your students.
  • If your carpool has started to become unreliable.
  • If you are scared of those "minivan moms" that smoke, speed or do not carry the correct insurance for this type of transportation, which would leave you nowhere if your student is hurt in a wreck.
  • If your student wants to take part in before/after school activities and you just can not get them there.

Then call Smiley Transportation, LLC student shuttle service  and we will take the stress out of transporting your students.  Number one rated student shuttle service in Keller. Smiley Transportation was named Entrepreneur of the year for 2013 from the City of Keller. Also named as one of the top one hundred small businesses in the United States in 2011and 2014.

Story about Smiley Transportation

Smiley Transportation, LLC was established in 2006 after developing a need to get our own students to and from school.  We soon found out that there was a large demand in our area and in other school districts in the area.  There were small little mini van moms doing this type of transport, but we soon found that they were not carrying the correct insurance and were not a real business.  We did our homework and researched everything before starting off on this new adventure.  Smiley Transportation, LLC has grown every year and double in size in customers every year.  We currently have 18 vehicles and two support vehicles.  We have a customer service center that handles the phones and behind the scenes paperwork.  We employee 19 people at this time and are still growing.  Smiley Transportation now offers student shuttle service in Keller, Roanoake, Haslet, Saginaw and Eagle Mountain ISDs.